San Diego Marine Mammal Workshop

Monday, November 18, 2002

 Science Applications International Corp.
Campus Point, Building A Conference Room


12:55-1:00 Mike Porter Introductory remarks
1:00-1:30 Aaron Thode Sperm Whale Seismic Studies in the Gulf of Mexico
1:30-2:00 Chris Tiemann Automated Model-Based Localization of Marine Mammals
2:00-2:15 ************ Break
2:15-2:45 Martin Siderius Advanced Acoustic Modeling Tools for ESME
2:45-3:15 John Hildebrand Marine Mammal Acoustic Assessment
3:15-3:30 ************ Break
3:30-4:00 Jay Barlow Some things I did on my summer vacation
4:00-4:30 Tom Norris MANTA: The Marine Mammal Tracking Apparatus
4:30-4:45 ************ Break
4:45-5:15 Julie Oswald Developing Methods for Acoustic Species Identification
5:15-5:30 Steve Martin Demo of PMRF data acquistion software
5:30-5:45 Paul Hursky Demo of SIMULINK real-time beamformer

Bonus items:

Also in attendance:

Paulette Murphy (SPAWARSSC)
Betty Kunowksi (SAIC)