Paul Hursky
Paul Hursky, Chief Engineer
(858) 457-0800, x103
B.S. Physics 1978
University of Pennsylvania
M.S. Physics 1980
University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering 2001
University of California, San Diego
Physics-based signal processing, propagation modeling, inverse problems, acoustic communications

Paul is a physicist/electrical engineer working on research problems in underwater acoustics. At Lockheed-Martin from 1980 to 1999, Paul worked on ASW applications on P3/S3 platforms. While at Lockheed, and later SAIC (1999 on), Paul obtained a doctorate in electrical engineering from UCSD. At SAIC, Paul worked on a number of ONR-funded research initiatives, including adjoint models, acoustic communications, biologically-inspired sonar, marine mammal tracking, and high-frequency tracking. Paul joined HLS Research in late 2004.