High-Frequency Ocean Acoustics Conference

March 1-5, 2004 La Jolla, California

An international conference sponsored by ONR and organized by,

Center for Ocean Research, Science Applications International Corporation


Marine Physical Laboratory, University of California San Diego


  Co-sponsored by the Acoustical Society of America     



Organizers: Michael B. Porter, Martin Siderius and William Kuperman


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This conference will emphasize the physics and applications of ocean acoustics in the frequency band of 2-50 kHz. The focus will be on waveguide propagation and scattering where the acoustic field has multiple interactions with the boundaries. General topics of interest are described in the following list:

·         Environmental effects on acoustic communications

·         High-frequency channel characterization (coherence, time-angle spread, Doppler spread)

·         Localization and tracking

·         Geoacoustic inversion

·         Channel modeling (computational acoustics)

·         Scattering from the surface, bottom and volume (bubbles, biologics and turbulence)

·         Marine mammal detection, classification and tracking

·         Ambient noise

·         Tomography

·         Waveguide Reverberation

·         Time-reversal acoustics


Invited papers

o        Whitlow Au (University of Hawaii)

o        Michael Buckingham (University of California, San Diego)

o        Harry Cox (Orincon Corporation)

o        Mathias Fink (Université Denis Diderot)

o        Darrell Jackson (University of Washington)

o        Tim Leighton (University of Southampton)

o        Rob Pinkel (University of California, San Diego)

o        Henrik Schmidt (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Advisory Committee


Tuncay Akal

Ross Chapman

Charles Holland

Michael Richardson

Mohsen Badiey

Nick Chotiros

Peter Mikhalevsky

Tim Stanton

Art Baggeroer

Grant Deane

Nicholas Pace

Peter Thorne

Homer Bucker

Roger Gauss

Valery Petnikov

Eric Thorsos

Doug Cato

William Hodgkiss

Jim Preisig


Dates: March 1-5, 2004 La Jolla, California

Venue: La Valencia Hotel,  La Jolla, California ($165 per night, cut-off is January 15th for this guaranteed rate)

Deadlines:     15   October, 2003  Abstracts due

                      15   November,  2003  Notification of acceptance

                      04  February, 2004  Papers due

Address:  Science Applications International Corporation, 10260 Campus Point Drive, San Diego, CA 92121  

Email: hf-secretary@saic.com


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